Back to the Beginning

So after the failure of last year, I planned to start a fresh working on my health and fitness. Last year, before the word went weird, I was drinking the right amount of water and trying to get the right amount of sleep. So I thought that for the first 2 weeks of the new year I would start by trying to get back into these two simple habits. 

Drinking enough water

This has been a hit and miss. There are some days when I am reaching my target of two litres a day, but the majority of the time I am not. Thinking back to why this is, I think that before the pandemic I would be out of the house the majority of the day, and my hand was near too far from a drink bottle, therefore water was one of my main options to drink. However, being at home, I have too many options and I don’t carry a drink bottle around the house with me, that sometimes I forget to drink water throughout the day. So that is my plan, for the next two week is to carry a drink bottle with me wherever I go, even around the house to see if that improves my drinking issue.


So before the pandemic I was measuring my sleep with my watch. However, when getting back into looking at my sleep my watch has not been recording my sleep. Even though I have no record of my sleep pattern, I can tell you that it has not been good for some time. I think that there are many reasons for this. The first reason is the lack of moving I am doing in the day. As we know by being in lockdown I am spending my time in the house, this means that I am not moving as much throughout the day, meaning that I’m not tired as I normally would be when I go to bed. The second is my room. As you may remember I have recently moved house. Don’t get me wrong I really like the house however my room is not yet somewhere I feel that I can relax in. for starters I have no furniture meaning that everything is in boxes, and with everything that is going on, with the shops not open, plus the DIY things that need doing to the room before I can paint (there is a big hole in one of the walls) also there is a mould issue, meaning that I have to keep on an electric dehumidifier to keep that away that makes a hum noise all through the night. Thirdly, my room happens to have the boiler in, which if anyone uses any water in the house, it goes on, very loudly followed by a clicking noise and it makes the floor shake, and when there are certain members of the household who is normally up till very late and uses the water in the middle of the night makes it very hard to get to sleep, and I am definitely one who, once i’m awake it takes me a very long time to get to sleep. I have however brought a book on tips to help you sleep better, in the hope that by reading this may help me get a better night sleep (fingers crossed)

However, I plan to carry on working on these two and hope that the next time I write this I have a better result,

So until next time


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